Microbial environment monitoring in meat processing industrial plants

Validate a standard for microbial environment monitoring in
two meat processing plants and to engineering corresponding
device/materials. Sampling techniques and methodology are
innovative.System to be applied in every bio-risk situation.

In all the places prone to microbial contamination, Microbiological Environment Monitoring is a first, fundamental step in any rational preventive programme against biorisk. Up to now the information on this topic has been badly lacking. At the Hygiene Department of the SSTATE UNIVERSITY in Perugia MAM (Monitoraggio Ambientale Microbico) (1) was developed. It is a standard system, largely innovative in concepts and techniques, which allows a sound and low cost microbial environment monitoring of surfaces (2) and air (3). Based on: - IMA (Indice Microbico Aria) for the monitoring of the microbial air contamination, and - AMO (Adesione Microbica Oraria)for monitoring the hourly microbial adhesion on surfaces, MEMFOODIN will adapt and validate the method at different places at biorisk to perform a reliable and easy to use in-house control, also at places which do not have personnel with a specific background. Research institutes, producers, certification bodies, societies with activity at biorisk and laboratories, all with various tasks, are participating in the project: - the laboratories, advised by the institutes, introduce MAM in the societies - the societies, advised by the laboratories, collect data of MAM in-house control - the laboratories perform further controls and transmit in a confidential way their own and societies' data, information and suggestions to the Institutes - on the basis of the received documentation, the institutes adapt and validate MAM to the different sectors, elaborate standards - the producers improve sampling devices and materials - the certification bodies set up the procedures to certify MAM in-house control. _________ 1) M. Pitzurra, A. Savino, C. Pasquarella - Il Monitoraggio Ambientale Microbiologico (MAM) Annali di Igiene 1997; 9: 439-54. 2) Pitzurra Mario, Angelo Savino, Cesira Pasquarella, Luca Poletti A New Method To Study the Microbial Contamination on Surfaces Hygiene Medizin 1997; 22: 77-92. 3) C. Pasquarella, O. Pitzurra, A. Savino The index of microbial air contamination Journal of Hospital Infection (2000) 46: 241-256. Keywords: microbial monitoring, biorisk, sampling methodolgy.
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3 800 000.00€
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Measurement and Detection of Pollution
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