Adaptation of train protection transmission receiver and signal converter to local conditions.

Improving railway safety is of national interest.By adopting
a modern atp (automatic train protection) system, romania &
other countries with the same conditions can achieve this.
1st step: a unit making present track equipment use possible

Railway authorities normally utilise some kind of train protection system apart from the normal signal system, to be able to run trains safely. These are more or less tolerant to driver mistakes and are called Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems. They consist of equipment mounted along the wayside, i.e. the tracks, and equipment mounted onboard each locomotive. Some railway authorities such as the ROMANIAN STATE RAILWAYS (SNCFR), currently have an old ATP system type INDUSI 1.60. Keywords: railway, vehicle, protection.
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1 827
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700 000.00€
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Railway Transport technology
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