Research and development in photomedicine

The aim is to develop, manufacture and test special devices
with robotic elements for medical treatment in physiotherapy
pulmonology, ophthalmology and veterinary medicine using
the laser magnetic field and infrared radiation.

Combined magneto-infrared therapeutic devices were first developed in the mid Eighties at Hungarian and Russian institutes. Ever since, they have been applied in the experimental and clinical treatment of various acute and chronic diseases, as well as their symptoms by specialists from the most famous medical research institutions in JAPAN, the USA and RUSSIA - already involving more than 500,000 patients. Due to the significant beneficial therapeutic effects observed, this project will be devoted to the construction of a new, technologically advanced generation of the device which will be safe, user friendly and optimised for specific medical applications and thus ready for serial production and marketing. This will be achieved through the following activities: - the development of medical therapeutic devices and therapeutic microrobots which a diagnostic subsystem using a combination of electrostimulation, laser illumination, photosensitizers and drugs in accordance with the standards and rigorous safety regulations for bio-medical instrumentation for human use; - conducting a clinical study into the effects of combined electro-magnetic therapy involving specific, medically- relevant pathologies; - elucidation of basic physiological mechanisms of the observed therapeutic effects through complex biological research, using cellular and animal models; and - optimisation of the device and therapeutic procedures for applications in the treatment of specific diseases. The therapeutic device, which is the subject of this project, represents a worldwide novelty in some fields, its function being based on various combinations of simultaneous actions of three biophysical factors: a constant magnetic field, pulsed monochromatic (laser) near infrared radiation and continuous non-coherent infrared radiation. The near infrared part of the spectrum represents the "window of permeability" which is due to the optical properties of major constituents in the tissue (water and fat) and allows penetration of electromagnetic radiation carrying small energies deep into the tissue and thus reaching the centres of pathological anomalies in the body, while being completely safe, non-invasive and painless. Such a penetration of energy into pathologically modified biological systems induces analgesic, anti- inflammatory, anti-oedemic, immuno-corrective, regenerative effects and it can improve the regional blood supply in the irradiated and surrounding tissue. The development of the device will focus on the construction of a multipurpose device for the treatment of human patients on the one hand and specialised devices for the treatment of cerebral paralysis, asthma and amblyopia in the early post-natal period on the other. Specific modifications on the multipurpose device will be performed to enable the device to be applied in veterinary medicine. Clinical studies will be performed at specialised medical institutions dealing with the above-mentioned aetiologies. Where possible, double-blind study designs will be adopted in order to correctly establish therapeutic effects of the studied combined magneto-infrared treatment. Patients will be included in clinical studies after their informed consent has been obtained. In performing bio-medical studies, we state that we shall conform to the latest version of the Declaration of Helsinki. All experimental and clinical work will be performed after consultation with an ethical committee. The explanation of the basic physiological mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects together with the clinical experience will enable final optimisation of the device parameters as well as the treatment procedure. The final technical efforts will be devoted to the industrial design of the therapeutic device and technological preparations for its serial production. Keywords: medicine, therapy, optoelectronic.
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