Microencapsulated products applied to textiles, automotive linings and leather.

Exploration of the possibilities that successful laboratory-
scale microencapsulation of some products can provide to
industries (i.E. Sensitive dye protection product and
microencapsulation of dyes for polyamide fibres).

The products produced to date have been developed for applications to textiles are colour protection products and hydrogen peroxide, both released during domestic washing and microencapsulated dyes that will dye polyamide fibres without staining. The project consists of exploring the possibilities that microencapsulation of some products obtained successfully in the laboratory, can bring to some industries that are willing to introduce them on an industrial scale. The end use of two of the three products already microencapsulated have been proven, albeit in the laboratory. These products are respectively: * the colour protection product, which protects sensitive dyes, such as reactive dyes for cellulosic fabrics, against the bleaching action of perborates, and other peroxides in detergents that occur during repeated domestic washing, and * the microencapsulation of dyes for polyamide fibres. Hydrogen peroxide has also be microencapsulated with success in the laboratory, and partners are sought to bring ideas for its application in this form. Other products are still be developed such as microencapsulated PCM, phase change materials, for isolation of car plastic linings and textiles. Keywords: microcapsules, colour fastness, textile dyeing.
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700 000.00€
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