Flexible manufacturing cell for telephone subset assembly

Fas made up from computer-driven subsystems:transport system supply/address system, manufacturing equipment with 2 robot cells, control system which establishes schedule and provides line control in real-time through a l.A.N.

The project consists of the design, development and installation of a Flexible Assembly System (FAS) including the following Subsystems: - transport system, to move the pallets and parts to be assembled between the different operations in a flexible way. The transport system is integrated by: - a flexible and modular conveyor. - a set of buffers to balance the different operations. - A coding system to identify each telephone position within the FAS. - the Supply and Address System, to supply and allocate all the components at the appropriate work station addresses. - manufacturing equipment, integrated by the automatic and manual work stations, such as: - robot cells for handset assembly, key-block assembly and final assembly. - Manual stations for cabling and telephone closing. - Repairing stations. - Manual/Automatic packing stations. - Test System, integrated by automatic test equipment for key-blocks and final assembly of subset, based on adaptable testing technique. - The Control system, which provides the whole control of the FAS through a Local Area Network, MAP compatible, and the interface with the current materials resource planning (MRP) System.
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4 460 000.00€
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