Development of error prediction techniques for the design and certification of aircraft flight decks.

This project aims to develop an error prediction methodology
that can be incorporated into the design and certification
of aircraft flight decks.

A predictive error approach is proposed for use in flight deck design and certification. A range of complementary and alternative techniques will be examined for suitability. A number of these will then be selected for further examination. This will involve training subjects in the use of these techniques and evaluating their validity. There are a number of issues related to validity and reliability that need to be investigated. These include predictive validity, the stability of the techniques (both between and within assessors), and an examination of incremental validity using a combination of techniques. Data on real incidents and accidents that occur will be collected. This work will be carried out by a separate group to the one developing and evaluating the predictive techniques to prevent experimenter bias. The techniques will be evaluated for their predictive validity against real error data collected. Consistency between assessors and ratings given by the same individual on different occasions will be examined. Any advantages of using combinations of techniques will be explored. Keywords: error prediction, flight deck.
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1 970
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1 600 000.00€
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