Givent building system

This system will use advanced it-cad/cam tools for
integrated architecture, prefabrication, delivery, mounting
and maintenance for multistorey buildings. The goal is to
define an ultimate industrialised building process.

System Cadex is the basic, and Bloco AB the applied, 3-D modeling CAD system for building design. The user creates interactively on the screen the model of the structures which is stored by the system in the database. The drawings and different kinds of list are produced from the database automatically according to the respective templates. Because System Cadex is a native MS Windows application it integrates easily with other Windows programmes (like MS Excel, MS Access, etc.) - the system as well as the OLE technology. The GIVENT Building System combines the best of the low weight and elegance of the steel structure with the sound and fire properties of the concrete building. An essential goal is to manage the erection of a concrete/steel construction with minimal use of materials and skilled labour, but with higher quality (smaller tolerances) than today. Furthermore the prefabrication level should be raised to increase quality while reducing building time and capital need. The solution to all this is obtained by the usage of old and new materials in new components forming a 'lost mould' concept. The external walls are prefabricated with finished, maintenance-free grain facades. The walls are constructed to work as moulds for concrete and lightweight concrete, most of which is prefabricated in the factory. Intermediate walls separating apartments have similar construction, but the EPS and facade composite grain is replaced by gypsum boards and the steel profile is slightly different. The external wall elements and the intermediate- or gable- wall are mounted. Horizontal reinforcement iron rods for the beams are included in the prefabricated wall. Vertical reinforcement iron rods from the pillars below secure the continuity of the pillars. The wall elements are mounted together with the intermediate floor elements which are prefabricated using the same principle as for the wall elements. Thus mounted, the complete storey with walls and floors is left with empty cavities between the elements which constitute the pillar and beam moulds. Vertical reinforcement iron rods are placed in the pillar cavities. Finally the storey is finished by pouring or pumping high-performance concrete into the pillar and the beam cavities respectively. In this way the GIVENT method, by using the elements as moulds, creates the load-bearing structure. The concrete is protected in the moulds and within fourteen hours it has developed such strength that it is possible to continue with the next storey. The important difference to the ordinary building method, i.e. to first erect a load-bearing structure which later is 'dressed', GIVENT makes the opposite. First the building is dressed and then erected by filling concrete into the dress-prepared cavities which create the load-bearing pillars and beams. The concrete used is preferably based on a modified cement which gives special properties suitable to GIVENT. The amount of concrete on site is heavily reduced. The modified cement gives a much faster development and higher pressure strength. Further, there is no need for vibration and although the water content is low the concrete maintains a good flow through the narrow pillars and beams. The concrete has a very good gluing capacity which adds to the homogeneity of the construction. The method used also gives smaller shrinkage than ordinary concrete and extremely good ageing properties.
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2 002
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1 500 000.00€
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Building Materials, Components and Methods
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