Development of a new concept of uninterrupted power supply (u.P.S.)

New product line to match future uninterrupted fuel supply
needs. Development of a new type of rectifier-charger to
absorb a sinusoidal current with a power factor of 1 in ac

The aim is to develop a line of new products enabling to match the future needs and requirements of U.P.S. Such a line will implement new concepts of energy conversion with a view to remedying the defects of the existing systems. The U.P.S. are composed of three elements: - a rectifier - charger - a battery - converter. The rectifiers-chargers now used absorb in the supply section non-sinussoidal currents with a poor power factor. One of our objectives is to develop a new type of rectifier-charger which will absorb in the AC network a sinusoidal current with a power factor nearing 1. The converters, now available on the market, however large the diversification of their designs may be, have at least 2 common characteristics: 1: they operate at frequencies lower than 40 kHz. 2: they transmit their output waves via a transformer operating at 50 or 60 Hz. Our second purpose is to develop a new type of converter which, in order to produce the output wave of 50-60 kHz, will combine the resonance and the transmission of energy via transformers operating at very high frequencies. The achievement of the objectives outlined above, will lead to compact units with a reduced weight and improved performances, which does not pollute the supply networks any more.
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