Automated diagnostics system to study the ecological conditions of soil

This diagnostics system is based on using a complex of
technologies and hardware which have not yet been combined
in this way. In addition, it will involve the development
and manufacturing of a sample demonstration system.

The proposed automated diagnostics system to study the ecological condition of soil is a hardware programme complex intended for work in field conditions. It is supposed that the system will be installed on a mobile carrier. The system is of a fundamentally different kind than similar devices and has the following properties: 1. by the amalgamation, in one complex of the techniques and hardware which have never been applied anywhere in such a combination. 2. By using the newest developments in the field of soil parameter measurements. Now the prototype of this system and the combination of techniques and hardware, developed by the Russian partner exists. 3. By the availability of a database containing ecological normative documents. The Italian and Russian partners have accumulated ecological normative documents over the last decade. 4. By the availability of a database containing descriptions of unfavourable soil appearances. The Russian partner has studied and accumulated information about these appearances for a long time. 5. By the possibility of comparison of measured soil parameters with ecological normative indexes and the ability to operatively evaluate the ecological conditions of soil. 6. By the possibility of comparison of measured soil parameters with the index of unfavourable soil appearances and produce diagnostics showing the origin of destructive soil processes. 7. By the availability of a Geographical Information System (GIS) and multimedia to create electronic maps showing the ecological conditions of the soil. Finnish and Russian partners have wide experience in the creation of GIS projects for the management of agricultural and urban sites. There is software and hardware for the project: MGE and GEOMEDIA - INTERGRAF, GEOENGINEERING, SUITE-BENTLEY. 8. By the possibility of including the given system in a regional control system of the ecological condition of soil and using it on an on-line regime. The main problems to be solved by the proposed project are: * Synthesis of various techniques and hardware use in the ecology of soil and related fields; * Development of new and adoptation of standard software supporting the operation of the hardware of a complex and ensuring visualisation and interpretation of the outcomes of various research; * Development of a database containing the ecological normative documents; * Development of a database containing the exhibition of unfavourable soil appearances; * Creation of electronic maps reflecting the ecological soil conditions; * Development and manufacturing of two demonstrative samples of the field measuring complex. Expected results: Two demonstrative samples of an automated diagnostics system to measure the ecological conditions of soil will be designed.
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2 031
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300 000.00€
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Environment Management Systems
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