Intelligent machine tool

The aim is to develop a system solution for high-speed
cutting machine tools which will include a new spindle
system with active magnetic bearing and adaptive process
control, using the spindle signals.

The target of the project is the development of a new generation of Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) motor spindles built with permanent 50kW magnet motor, 50,000 r.p.m. and HSK-E50 tooling. AMB motor spindles are especially used for High Speed Cutting (HSC). HSC will make it possible to reduce cutting forces, loading to the tools, result in greater chip load, better surface quality, much higher accuracy on the workpieces and reduced deforming. In order to make this new HSC process perform better, a High Frequency Converter for this new synchronous motor, with a SERCOS digital interface, has to be developed. To obtain an optimal cutting process, adaptive control of the machine tool is required. The AMB spindle controller will provide signals so the machining process can be adapted and produce an Intelligent Machine Tool. Keywords: AMB spindle, high frequency converter, process control.
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2 041
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1 130 000.00€
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Machine Tools technology
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