Optimization of design and operation of municipal solid waste steam boilers.

Research into advance municipal solid waste steam boilers
with high steam parameters for electric energy production.

The disposal of municipal waste is a problem that has been with us since civilisation began. At various times throughout history, composting, landfill and incineration have all been popular disposal methods. Today, waste disposal methods are determined by cost and the effects on our environment. The waste-to-energy plant is the best solution to cope with the continuously increasing amounts of solid waste being generated in the industrial world and with the increasing shortage of available landfill space. The remaining residue ash represents only one tenth of the original waste volume. Generated heat is often used for heating, however, it is also possible to use it for electricity generation. The waste-to-energy plants could then fulfil demands for higher energy production without the necessity to build new coal or nuclear power plants. To design the advanced municipal solid waste steam boilers for waste-to-energy plants, it is necessary to use new, modified, high temperature steels and investigate their resistance to highly corrosive aggressive atmospheres containing HCl and SO2. Municipal waste is a very heterogeneously variable material with a wide range of characteristics. The result of the project will be an advanced municipal solid waste steam boiler with high steam parameters for electricity generation, optimized waste feeding, a grate stoker, with an advanced combustion computerised control system, combustion process monitoring and optimised operation with high energy recovery efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Keywords: waste, boiler, energy.
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