Development of new drilling technologies and materials for the benefit of a twin-screw extruder

The aim is to develop new materials for a barrel and screw
which are the most essential parts of a (twin) screw
extruder and carry out research and development to find new
drilling technologies.

The project deals with the final development of new drilling techniques which are much more accurate, and more waterproof materials to be able to produce barrels (single screw, twin screw and sonic) and the matching screws for extruders which meet the changing demands of the synthetics industry. This project will be conducted together with a German company (CPM GMBH), which has considerable knowledge of the process of making screws and metallic compounds. The changing demands to the material and the geometry of single and twin-screw barrels for extruders forces KLUIN WIJHE B.V. to carry out fundamental research and development to find new materials and new (conic) drilling techniques. This can be translated into the following actions: 1. The material of barrels and screws should be more resistant to corrosion, adhesion, abrasion and chemical fabrics; 2. Accurate cylindrical twin-screw barrels should be developed; 3. Accurate conic single-screw barrels should be developed; 4. Accurate conic twin-screw barrels should be developed; 5. The commercialisation of this project through the reduction of production time, the lowering of the production costs, the reduction in used materials and the more waterproof twin-screw barrel. The costs of this project are estimated at $ 7,700,000. After the research and development has taken place, an extruder will be built and marketed. The duration of the project is estimated at 72 months. Keywords: twin-screw extruder, conic drilling, new materials.
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2 107
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Project costs: 
7 000 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, milling, planing, cutting)
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