Large diameter polyolefin pipes and fittings

Development of composition of materials and process for the
production of large diameter polyolefin pipes, large
diameter fittings and other connecting systems.

Development of new materials composition, based on polyolefins, to be used in the production of large diameter pipes. The project includes the development of a new co- extrusion process for the production of multilayer polyolefin pipes. The process includes a chemical reaction that improves the material properties, without significant added costs. This process is performed by a co-extrusion line, including A main extruder (for the main layer) and two co-extruders (for the internal and external layers). The three extruders share the same extrusion head. This extrusion head is especially designed for this application. The die is very long and the chemical process takes place inside the die. There is a die for each diameter and wall thickness, and in future it will also be possible to have different extrusion heads for different ranges of diameters. Since the pipe that comes out of the die is cured, the rest of the production line is relatively simple. It includes: * a cooling Water bath (without vacuum); * a simple haul-off; * a special coiling device, suitable for up to 355 mm outside diameter; * a cutting unit for bars. A part of the project is research into the optical raw material compound. This research focuses on raw material with a favourable cost/benefit ratio, suitable catalyst, antioxidants and UV stabilisers. Another part of the project is the development of large diameter fittings and other connecting systems for the said pipes. The programme includes the development of several types of connecting systems, such as: * Connectors based on injection moulding fittings; * Special weldable fittings; * Mechanical fittings; * Special metal fittings for pipeline ends and branches.
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2 119
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1 200 000.00€
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