Refrigerator compressor assembly system

Design and development of a prototype of flexible automated
line for the assembly of refrigerator compressors.

In order to remain competitive in world markets, Europe must strive to move along the route of Computer Integrated Manufacture. This project will focus upon designing and developing a flexible, automated line prototype for the assembly of refrigerated compressors. This kind of project is characterised by high mechanical precision, very strict tolerances and high volumes of production. The design of the assembly system will be modular in order to allow an easy adaptation of the system itself to the assembly of products with similar characteristics. The implementation of the system will involve actual state-of-the-art as well as the most advanced techniques available in the field of industrial automation during the life span of the research such as advanced robots and sensors, new generation autonomously guided vehicles and Expert Systems for supervision, planning and quality control. The most important technological innovation in relation to the project will be the high integration among the assembly cells and between the cells and the factory computer. The objectives to be reached are a great flexibility in the production process in order to make possible frequent product changes small product batches, an increase in the productivity of the lines and in the quality of the assembled products as well as a reduction in the size of stocks. The main benefits to Europe from this project would be a new technology base helping to reverse the trend of increasing European compressor market penetration from the UNITED STATES and JAPAN.
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14 500 000.00€
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