European agency for cultural heritage

This project deals with the creation and organisation of an internet portal which will offer products and services on cultural heritage concerning many european countries.

The Portal is divided into ten channels which refer to various aspects of the scientific and technological activities concerning the safeguard of European Cultural Heritage. The channels are the following: 1. Archive channel 2. Database channel 3. Technology channel 4. Publishing channel 5. Events channel 6. Training channel 7. New Enterprises channel 8. Institutions News channel 9. Scientific News channel 10. Forum The contents of these channels will be provided and made available by the various national partners by using standard data entry forms and templates. 1. Archive channel This database will contain data from the surveys carried out by the EACH partner countries concerning Enterprises and Scientists. The archive channel currently contains the results of the survey carried out in ITALY. 2. Database channel This database channel currently contains many important Italian databases on specific themes; it will be extended and updated to the European level by the various national partners of the EACH project. 3. Technology channel This channel is particularly concerned with offering services related to the safeguarding of Cultural Heritage (diagnostics and restoration). It is targeted at public bodies such as regional and local councils. Furthermore, it gives ample opportunity for the promotion of business-to-business (B2B) activities. A fundamental element of the activities of this channel will be the introduction of scientific and technological innovations into enterprises which, in this sector, are often too small to be able to get funds for innovation. 4. Publishing channel This channel deals with the promotion of every type of manual, monograph, textbook and any publishing activity in the Cultural Heritage field. At this moment, the channel only contains material issued in ITALY. This channel deals also with the distribution of multimedia products (CD, VHS, DVD, etc.). 5. Events channel This channel consists of logical lists of events related to Cultural Heritage which take place all over Europe; the channel also offers services connected to the organisation of congresses, meetings, workshops, etc. Spreading awareness of these events all over Europe is absolutely unique: no other Internet site is available on this subject with such detail and completeness. 6. Training channel Via this channel we aim to promote awareness of the numerous European Cultural Heritage-related training courses held by Universities, research bodies, ministries, regional and local councils and private and European bodies, aimed at the various categories of possible users, particularly students and enterprise technicians. Also in this case, spreading the knowledge of these training courses all over Europe is absolutely unique: no other Internet site is available on this subject offering such a large scale service. 7. New Enterprises channel This channel deals with activities connected to the creation of new business, utilising the contents of the other channels. Specifically, the technologies and equipment will be made available for the creation of new enterprises. These products will engineer prototypes and organise their subsequent sale or use in diagnostics or restoration work on Cultural Heritage artefacts. This action is of high value in order to increase employment and generate entrepreneurs by means of exploiting public funding. 8. Institutions News channel This channel includes information on every type of scientific and technological activity in the Cultural Heritage field generated by European public state bodies (beginning with the Ministries for Culture) as well as by regions and local councils. Again, there is no Internet site which can offer affordable data on this subject on a large-scale approach; this service may be offered with the contribution of the individual national partners to the EACH Project. 9. Scientific News channel This channel offers information on activities in the various sectors of Cultural Heritage published in scientific journals worldwide: short items, continually updated, also the so-called grey literature, like local reports on different subjects will be available. This type of information is so far non-existent inside any other Internet Portal or site, but is of the utmost importance for any scientist working in this field. 10. Forum This channel offers interaction with users and customers about problems, new ideas, debates, etc. concerning the services offered by the previous channels. Keywords: management, cultural heritage, network.
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3 000 000.00€
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Cultural Heritage
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