Quality assurance in supply chain for car heaters

The main objective is to secure the quality of the products
throughout the supply chain. Particular emphasis will be
placed on the enclosure and heat exchanger due to their
importance in the overall performance of the product.

Car heaters have previously been delivered to the after- sales market. It is now becoming more common to have them installed on the assembly line at the factory. This implies higher demands on overall quality and greater adaptability to different car/vehicle models, since the heater has to work in conjunction with several other sub-systems in the vehicle. Supplying heaters directly to the automotive industry also puts new requirements on the product, in terms of annual volumes (due to the expanding market), cost and reliability. The main activities of the project are: 1) Review of the product structure and design with regard to production methods, assembly, testing, packaging and installation in the vehicle. The product structure is of great importance for the creation of variants in accordance with customer(automotive manufacturer) requirements, if a competitive level of cost is to be obtained. This will be carried out on condition that high level performance is maintained. 2) Extensive test procedure by authorised institution in order to verify product performance and properties and have the product certified in accordance with demands from the automotive industry. 3) Development and implementation different measures and working procedures to assure the right quality of the critical parts of the heater (especially the enclosure and heat exchanger, which are made in stainless steel). This includes investigation of alternative methods for parts manufacturing and joining. The three main activities will be partially performed in parallel and with the close cooperation of the participants so that an optimal product can be obtained at an optimal cost. Keywords: quality, supply chain, sheet metal forming.
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