Advanced production technologies in 3d-metal surface processing/net-shaping for repair and recovery services.

The aim is to overcome current technical and technological
deficits by advanced process and production automation
technologies in metal surface processing and net-shaping
for repair welding and recovery services.

In order to overcome current technical and technological deficits in production-driven repair welding and recovery services, the overall goal of the project is to develop and introduce advanced processes and production technologies on 3D metal surface processing and net-shaping into the field of repair welding and recovery services. Special consideration will be given to technologies capable of improving the reliability of processed applied to deposit or remove material and integrated production automation concepts. The work programme is specially tailored to meet the specific demands of industrial users on the basis of a common platform for transnational exchange of experience and know-how as well as cooperative R & D. Five major research areas will be addressed: 1. Advanced technologies with near-to-net-shaping in cladding material removal processes 2. 3D sensing, modelling, simulation and data processing 3. Simulation-based process planning and adaptive control 4. Integrated production automation and robotics; 5. Quality assurance. Specially addressed are high performance processes for material deposition and removal like welding, taping, laser processing, polishing or grinding as well as hybrid solutions. In parallel, the project intends to develop and implement integrated production automation concepts for repair welding and recovery services. In this context studies and investigations on cross- sectional disciplines are of essential importance. Addressed are 3M measuring and sensing techniques, digitization strategies, modelling as well as material properties, near-to-net-shaping strategies, process simulation and real-time control, quality assurance, production process engineering, data management, automation and industrial pilot studies. Within the framework of PROSURF, various industrial partners and research providers from five European countries will collaborate, based on enhanced synergies to overcome current deficits and problems in 3D metal surface net shaping applied to repair welding and recovery services. The expected results are of multi-sectorial and multidisciplinary character. Based on a modular system design, the project results are of border crossing interest and applicable in many different areas of industrial production. Industrial benefits can be expected for instance in rapid tooling, moulding, tool and machinery component repair and recovery services, manufacturing of complex metal structures and parts, forming and forging, casting, prototyping, reverse engineering and many more. Looking at the problems faced by the industry today, the research work will be subdivided in 4 sub projects: I. Repair and regeneration - regeneration of press and forming dies - turbine blade repair. II. New technologies for mould design and tooling - cladding with MIG/MAG, TIG and PPA technology and integrated, near-to-net shaping capabilities - structuring of 3D surfaces with diode laser technology - selective removal of material with diode laser technology - recovery with taping technology - surface coating. III. Finishing and Surface Structuring - finishing of parts for mass production by magnetic field based grinding and polishing. IV. Process Automation - 3D topographic sensing - repair welding with robots - simulation-based process planning and adaptive control - automation in closed process chains. The project results will be tested exemplary on pilot applications such as turbine blade repair, barrel extruders and forming dies, thin coating of high pressure vessels and recovery of machinery components. Most of the pilot applications are directed at SME partners who expect to increase economic efficiency and competitiveness by the introduction of advanced technologies into a more or less manually-driven production environment. Dissemination planned within the project work will include technical workshops and demonstrations, seminars, published reports and conference presentations. It is intended to establish a PROSURF user group which will advise and observe the project work. Moreover, a network-based communication platform for information exchange and dissemination of results will be established by use of the Internet. It will be open to all who are interested in this special field of advanced production technology.
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2 317
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3 710 000.00€
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Automation, Robotics Control Systems
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