Graphical harbour disposition and information system

Intelligent, full graphic system for the deposition,
administration, optimization and comunication of port
operations and supply chain management, based on existing
german and swedish port operation systems.

In port locations, different objects, processes and traffic meet. This leads to the problem of making many different kinds of data available for a variety of purposes and different users and operators. To solve the problem, an intelligent, standardized and generic interface between data and user is to be developed. The 'Graphical Harbour Disposition and Information System (GHADIS)' is an innovative, intelligent, full graphic system for port operators and companies involved in the supply chain. The intelligent, full graphic user interface will give the system an innovative feature with the opportunity of easy and time saving usage by visual information and intuitive handling. The advantages will be: - Visual presentation supports quick understanding of the information given - Different information/data are presented in a standardized way - Overall view of the situation in the port - Greater transparency of the actual situation and running processes - Quick and entire gathering of information - Intuitive handling in disposition and administration of processes in the supply chain Integrated applications will support the operator by means of self-generated suggestions, visual aids, automatic messages etc. in disposition, administration, optimization and communication in the fields of port operation and supply chain management. As regards all the detailed descriptions given in the following, the aspect of visual support as well as the possibility of disposition via drag and drop (e.g. storage in warehouses) must be taken into consideration. - Storage/parking suggestion via the system based on a storage admittance booking. The system suggests different possibilities. It also involves identification of necessary rearranging in case of missing capacity all in one place. - Parking suggestions through the system based on an admittance booking of a truck or trailer or due to received manifests. In case of dangerous goods loads the suggestion is made in accordance with the valid regulations for loading and separation. - In the stowage planning system, a suggestion is made for optimal stowage space. Hereby not only the general data of the vehicle to be stored is taken into consideration (size, weight, electrical connection, etc.) but in cases of loaded dangerous goods also the respective regulations for the individual vehicle and the whole ship. Furthermore, the times for loading and unloading are calculated. - Depiction of present and future storage -/parking situation for the support of planning measures - Execution of planning in instructions. Based on the disposition measures the respective instructions, messages and print-outs will be automatically worked out. - Automated freight car disposition (track/track surroundings) based on the goods to be loaded. Execution of the disposition in messages for freight car ordering. - Construction and recalling of an emergency and catastrophe scenario in different depths with visual support. Automated notification of the respective institutions such as the fire brigade, the doctor on emergency call, police, water guard and possibly disaster control as well as the Port Authorities, Customs and Labour Inspectorate. The GHADIS system will make use of existing systems and their functionalities. GHADIS will have its advantages by opening up the data and information stored in many different ways in existing systems to an standardized, generic interface, presenting the information in one understandable way. Basic systems will be existing Swedish and German port operating systems such as e.g. the 'Integrated Harbour Logistic System (IHS)' of the LUEBECKER HAFEN-GESELLSHAFT. This system has been running smoothly without problems for several years in the main terminals of the port of Luebeck and has the following main features: - disposition and administration of discharging and loading - management and control for goods and transport objects - disposition and administration of warehouses - gate control - planning of personnel, equipment and orders - wireless communication in the terminals - communication interfaces to the customers - interface to SAP R/3. By adding the intelligent, full graphic interface GHADIS to systems e.g. the IHS, an important added value and a great deal of intelligent support is provided to operators, involved companies in terms of cooperation, communication and optimization. Taking the described main functions (graphic interface, intelligent applications and existing system) together, GHADIS will be an innovative, integrated system which will cover the following main objectives thanks to its innovative technological features. - Optimized handling by visual information supported by interface features (e.g. drag and drop) - Improved and controlled management of the flows of goods - Intelligent and optimizing control of ships and warehouses - Optimized and controlled use of warehouse and yard space - Using and supplying information within the supply chain. The concept and implementation will evaluate and consider the following main objectives: - Demands and functional requirements of the users - Requirements of the existing systems - General requirements of ports, other systems and the supply chain - Modular, generic and adaptive concept - Modular, generic and adaptive implementation - Generic tools and applications. 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