A personal computer radar for marine applications

The project aims to develop a marine radar based on pc

The project aims to develop a marine radar based on PC (Personal Computer) technology, linked to a radar marine antenna. The innovation of the system lies in the use of a PC, under WINDOWS NT, to carry out acquisition, sampling, signals treatment, antenna control and on-screen display. Using PC technology makes it possible to obtain an excellent graphic definition (by using the PC's graphic card), make connection via internet to new applications, very easily change the configuration of the radar (VTS, fishing, leisure, inland water) using the PC's programmable settings, use a programmable standard antenna interface enabling one antenna to be replaced by another, for another application, very easily, by plug and play way, increase the flexibility of the radar by using a software program instead of the hardware, allowing thus making it possible to upgrade the radar, improve maintenance using tele- maintenance and automatic maintenance tests and reduce costs. The development will take place over two years, in two phases, each of one year. The first phase will consist of studying the different architectures, the interface between the antenna and the PC, developing the PC radar board, the radar control unit, the hardware tracking solution, the software tracking solution and hardening the PC radar for specific applications. The second phase will involve the integration and qualification tests of the PC radar. It will comprise the validation of the prototypes on the ground, the integration on board various ships and gaining the approval of the navigation authorities (IMO, RINA, etc.). The project relates to the Fifth Framework programme of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, specifically the 'promoting competitive and sustainable growth' programme, key action products, targeted research Action 1, service products and the 'Information Society Technologies' programme, IST 1.5.2. Keywords: radar, marine, PC.
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