Digital am hardware and software platform-based set from c to silicon.

Development of a system-on-chip platform which will enable
semiconductor houses to provide integrated circuit and
consumer manufacturers with a first range of digital am

In a world where digital audio and its associated quality becomes the de-facto standard, traditional AM terrestrial radio broadcasting is still the preferred choice in particular in those regions of the world not properly served by national infrastructures such as FM networks. The EUREKA 1557 NADIB project, together with the DRM (DIGITAL RADIO MONDIALE) Consortium, have worked out a proposed technical solution to apply the digital audio quality for AM bands. The DRM consortium was formed to propose a new World wide digital standard for terrestrial audio radio broadcasting at frequencies below 30 MHz (Question ITU-R 217/10) to the ITU (INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS UNION) This project aims to develop the system-on-chip platform which will allow the Semiconductor houses to provide the IC, and Consumer manufacturers to have a first range of Digital AM receivers. Associated test and measurement toolings wille also be introduced. In this context, the aim is to develop a prototype receiver which will: * be compatible with consumer market constraints (very low price and power consumption), * be able to receive digital waveform proposed for the ITU standard, as well as existing AM modes * include data modes for additional services. * provide the test and measurement tools * the solution will form part of a digital receiver providing services to the customer by automatically selecting the appropriate source (analogue AM or FM, digital AM even FM or DAB). The proposed Consortium is based on major actors in standardisation (FhG-IIS, SONY, BOSCH, TDF and CCETT, THOMCAST and TCC), major industrials in AM broadcasting (SONY, THOMCAST), design Competence Centres (FhG-IIS, NERGAL, ACCO, ATMEL Hellas and TCC), silicon providers (ATMEL Rousset, MICRONAS) and receiver manufacturers (BOSCH, SONY). A network operator is also included (TDF). The project will last 36 months, in order to make the device available to receiver manufacturers according to consistent planning with outputs from the DRM Consortium and ITU standardisation. Keywords: digital AM, platform, chip set.
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