Tourism and environment in the arctic

The aim of the project is to secure the sustainable
development of tourism in the nordic arctic region. Relevant
interests in the local area will be involved in the project
and take a common responsibility.

The project aims to map the environmental impact of the tourism industry in Artic areas and suggest means of implementing more environmentally friendly ecotourism. The project includes two destinations in GREENLAND (Ilulissat and Ammassalik), one in ICELAND (Snaefellnes) and one in NORWAY (Svalbard). Phase I: Project start-up In this phase cooperation between the project partners will be considered. A web site will be established as well as the development of a communication plans and finalisation of pilot destinations. Phase 2: Establishment of local project groups In each pilot destination a project group will be established. These will ensure the project is well anchored and act as driving forces for future tourism development in their region. Phase 3: Mapping In cooperation with the project group, the mapping phases will identify the environmental impact from different categories of tourist in the pilot destinations. Tourists will be interviewed to enable their experiences in Artic regions to be discerned. Phase 4: Developing the toolkit On the basis of the mapping exercise, tools will be developed to optimize the relationship between nature, tourism and the environment. These tools will ensure that the Artic region environment lives up to tourist expectations. The tools will be developed at two levels: general, applicable to all Artic regions and specific, applicable to individual pilot destinations. Phase 5: Workshop Halfway through the project, a workshop will be held to reflect on project progress, with the emphasis on the mapping and toolkit development. Phase 6: Toolkit trial The toolkit will then be tested in each pilot destimation. An environmental action plan will also be developed for each pilot destination. Phase 7: Information dissemination and network development After the toolkit test, the results will be incorporated into the formulation of the toolkit. The project website will be updated to include the project results and will function as a link between the pilot destinations and other destinations in the Artic region after the project has concluded. Keywords: sustainable tourism, arctic environment, nordic cooperation.
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