Intelligent system for optimization of electrical energy production and distribution

A complex mathematical system of optimization of electrical
energy production with decision making support will be
developed and tested in a real environment. It will improve
the efficiency of electrical energy production and sales.

The privatisation process in the field of electrical power generation and distribution of electrical energy which is ongoing in several former Socialist countries will considerably change the significantly economic conditions in which power stations operate. The free market with strong global competition will ask for a more efficient way to produce and sell electrical energy. Consequently, it is very important to make the right decisions and plan electrical energy production, taking all the relevant factors (cost, competition, requirements, free capacities) into account. The main goal of the project is to develop a complex mathematical model supported by a decision-making system. This will consider all relevant data and support the management of electrical production units to make decisions which will enable power plants to be operated in an optimal way and help them to be successful in the free market economy. In the Definition Phase of the project, a user analysis will be made in which the necessary features of the system will be defined and discussed. In the Implementation Phase, the mathematical model and decision-making system will be developed and software requirement specifications will be drawn up. The resulting complex computer package will be developed and tested. The pilot installation will take place in power stations in SLOVENIA, the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and GERMANY. Using the results of the pilot installation, the final improved version of system will be developed and promoted to accelerate the marketing of the product. Keywords: optimization, electrical energy, production.
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2 425
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2 000 000.00€
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Mathematical modelling
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