Creation of new plant varieties of improved organoleptic properties

Improvement by biotechnological methods the basic gustatory
and olfactory characteristics of fruits by means of a
controlled process.

The aim of the project is to quantify the major aspects of the taste of fruits by biochemical measures. In fact, due to the different genotypes as well as the pedoclimatic environment, 'qualitative accidents" frequently happen during production rendering commercialization difficult. This project will at first start on melon and strawberry and could then be extended to other species. In the initial phase we will identify all the components that contribute to the typical taste and odour of the fruits involved. Later on, we will establish a co-relation between the genetic variability and the presence of those components. A study on the enzymes involved in the synthesis of the components will be established to understand the molecular origin of the pedoclimatic accidents with the aim of preventing them. We are also thinking of commercializing the resistant genotypes.
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950 000.00€
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