New dyeing technology for fabric with double 'o-ring' in quality guarantee.

New automatic dyeing process of fabric with double 'o-ring'
and on-line control by means of a spectrometer and with
maximum contact between the dyeing molecules and the

The project will involve the development of a fabric dyeing process with the double 'o-ring' system in quality guarantee. This process will make possible technological improvements by means of the hermetic covering and the system for fixing the fabric in the disk (o-ring). The disk, completely dipped in the dyeing bath, avoids liquid leakages during the dyeing process and guarantees maximum contact between the dyeing molecules and the fabric thereby totally avoiding uneven dyeing. The system is equipped with a on-line control and is characterised by: - zero defectiveness; - 20% reduction in production costs; - 30% increase in production capacity.
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2 475
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3 500 000.00€
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