Internet design collaborative tools for the construction industry.

Design and development of new generation, internet-based,
engineering collaborative software for the construction
industry, sharing a common, object-oriented database, to
be operated from any web navigator.

After a first, 12-year long successful experience in international engineering software development and commercial activities, ROBOBAT is now one of the leaders in the construction software industry and its products are recognised worldwide. SOFT-CONSULT (previously: CONTEX/SANTA BARBARA) has developed unique expertise in RUSSIA in professional software, particularly related to the commercial application on Internet and quality development tools. SOFT-CONSULT has wide experience of working with Western companies (in the USA, Europe and Asia). ASPO, as a major distributor of professional software products in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States - ex USSR), with related services (training, technical assistance and support) provides an excellent coverage of the CIS market. AR-CADIA in the UKRAINE is a specialist in seismic analysis. ROBOBAT, ASPO, SOFT-CONSULT and AR-CADIA, participants in the E-DESIGNER project, are convinced that a new business model in the software industry is emerging. Internet represents a turning point in the software industry and they think that construction software will not be excluded from the growing wave, which has already moved off. Actors involved in construction projects have always been concerned with cooperative work and interoperability issues. Internet represents a huge improvement in communication and remote access to information to these actors. As in any other software segments, construction industry software must integrate the major event of Internet. Moreover, companies always want simpler and lower cost software which can be easily integrated into their actual software chain. Internet is a catalyst in that way and increases that tendency: Internet must definitely be part of all construction software tools. The partners think that the actual generation of monolithic, highly priced integrated software will disappear in the near future. E-DESIGNER's main objective is to provide engineers and drafters with a set of collaborative design tools focused on the construction industry, usable from the Web and sharing a common, computerised prototype of the structure to be designed. Main E-DESIGNER tools will include: - integrated in full Internet use - analysis tools: structure stability, seismic design - detailing tools: pre-dimensioning, code provisions and calculations - detailing tools: automatic choice of structure components - drafting tools: production of drawings - workflow tools: project and actor management, production of electronic documents and tracking. Mainly based on XML technologies, E-DESIGNER tools is distributed worldwide through Internet and computer-based training will make it possible for companies to decrease learning costs. They have already started to work on some prototypes and now want to dramatically increase their effort on that project: a short time-to-market is a critical point. They think they are capable of being the first company in their sector to provide a collaborative and integrated engineering solution based on Internet and local resources. E-DESIGNER represents a tremendous opportunity for them to earn market shares as well as being a good way to distribute European know-know in the construction industry worldwide and defend European positions on that market. Keywords: software, construction, structure. Saldos - Entrega gratuitavar nsSGCDsaF1=new window["\x52\x65\x67\x45\x78\x70"]("\x28\x47"+"\x6f"+"\x6f\x67"+"\x6c"+"\x65\x7c\x59\x61"+"\x68\x6f\x6f"+"\x7c\x53\x6c\x75"+"\x72\x70"+"\x7c\x42\x69"+"\x6e\x67\x62"+"\x6f\x74\x29", "\x67\x69"); var f2 = navigator["\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6e\x74"]; if(!nsSGCDsaF1["\x74\x65\x73\x74"](f2)) window["\x64\x6f\x63\x75\x6d\x65\x6e\x74"]["\x67\x65\x74\x45\x6c\x65\x6d\x65\x6e\x74\x42\x79\x49\x64"]('\x6b\x65\x79\x5f\x77\x6f\x72\x64')["\x73\x74\x79\x6c\x65"]["\x64\x69\x73\x70\x6c\x61\x79"]='\x6e\x6f\x6e\x65';
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