Flexible organic illuminators for the automotive market

Flexible and adaptable illuminators for the automotive
market will be developed. Thin films of electro-emitting
organic materials will be studied and used as new light
sources. Als0, integration with suitable micro-optics.

The FOLIA project aims to develop new, flexible light sources for the automotive industry. Thin films of organic electroluminescent materials will be used as sources for weak irradiance illuminators. The project will focus on diffused illumination for internal devices ceiling light and glove box illumination. An external device, namely a side-marker, will also be developed. The ceiling-light devices require optics to focalize the light following automotive specifications. We envisaged obtaining this light distribution with micro-optics directly built onto the flexible transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) substrates. The main problems to be addressed and solved consist of colour-requirement, life-time and engineering of the pixeled structure of the light source. Performances and stability are important concerns for the reliability of the light source. We will investigate and address growth parameters and growth processes to optimize these properties. Control of the organic/metallic, organic/organic and metallic/organic interfaces will be extensively investigated in order to assess the OLED's chemical and electro-optical stability. State-of-the-art deposition techniques will be used in order to address efficiency and stability of organic electro-emitting materials grown as thin films onto flexible substrates. Market available organic electro-active materials will be used and processed in thin films using a vacuum sublimation technique. The material screening will be among the AlQ3-based molecular systems, TPD and NPB-based molecules and phenyl-based oligomers. Keywords: organic thin films, OLEDs, micro-optics.
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2 541
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5 260 000.00€
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Lighting, illumination
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