Bio narcotic detection equipment research

The objective of this project is develop the necessary
techniques to allow the use of antibodies to detect

The Bio-N project is intended to extend the boundaries of biotechnology to allow the detection of narcotics by antibody reaction techniques. BIOSENSOR APPLICATIONS AB (BAAB) has developed an antibody- based technology for detecting Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and expects to expand the range of explosives in due course. A vapour or particle sample is acquired from a suspect area, desorbed and converted to an analyte which is transferred to a sensor cell. BAAB's TNT detection technology used a sensor cell based on a modified quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) which is unique because of its weight loss characteristic. Conventional QCMs use weight gain to signal a detection but as the molecular weight ratio between a TNT molecule and a typical antibody is between 300 and 600 to 1, the sensitivity multiplier effect achievable by a weight loss system should be significant. The QCM indicates a change by a change in its frequency. The technology has the potential to offer detection at sub- pico-gram levels which could eventually lead to true vapour detection of low volatility compounds such as illegal narcotics. However, the use of this technology for detecting wider ranges of compounds is untried and it is the objective of this project to develop the necessary techniques to allow the use of antibodies for detecting narcotics. It is clear from the literature that although there is a wide degree of commonality in the chemical structures of explosives, there is no such commonality between the different narcotics. This means that the bio-chemical and surface chemistries development work used for the TNT detector probably do not apply. In addition, the volatility of these compounds is in general very low and this implies that the sensitivities required to achieve high levels of detection under operational conditions will have to be at the lower end of the pico-gram scale. This in turn demands that the measurable ........... The development work to be carried out in the Bio-N project includes: * Development of antigens and antibodies for a range of narcotics compatible with the weight loss concept; * Development of quartz crystal surfaces which will be highly receptive to the AG/AB pair and have very low levels of non-specific binding; * Development of a QCM cell which will ensure a high level of mixing of the analyte to ensure high reaction ratios. The complete drugs detector system will also require the development of a sample acquisition system including air mover, sampling medium, desorption device and analyte transfer mechanisms compatible with the physical characteristics and chemistry of narcotics. Keywords: biosensor, antibodies, haptens.
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