Production of polyurethane foams from renewable raw materials

The principal raw materials now used for the production of
polyurethane foams are petrochemical products. Some of the
raw materials needed for the production of polyurethane
can be obtained from renewable materials.

Currently, as raw materials for polyurethane chemicals (including foam polyurethane) petrochemical products are used. However, oil reserves are decreasing and consequently the price of fuel and chemical raw materials are increasing. Due to the reduction in oil reserves, raw materials may even run out altogether. Part of the raw materials for polyurethane can be obtained from renewable materials, i.e. from raw materials of wood and plant origin. Oil producing plants - sunflowers, rape, as well as hydroxyl-containing waste materials of chemical processes, such as tall oil (cellulose production), glycerine (bio-diesel production) can all be mentioned as examples of these. From all the above-mentioned and other similar natural products hydroxyl-containing materials or polyol components can be synthesised for further polyurethane production. It is possible to predict that this compound will have surfactant and probably catalytic characteristics. Keywords: polyurethanes, thermo-insulation, renewable.
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