Optimization of energy resource consumption in paper production

The aim is to mathematically model technological processes
in order to promote reconstruction of heating equipment in
papermills and thus increase waste paper remaking capacity.

The JOINT-STOCK COMPANY LIGATNE PAPER MILL is the unique manufacturer of waste-paper in Latvia. The circumstance that the heating energy necessary for the manufacturing makes 65% of production outlays substantially interferes with remaking of waste-paper and its possible aggregating in LATVIA. The situation is complicated as far as the location of the enterprise does not allow the surplus energy to be used for other purposes. Similar problems also arise in other small European countries, e.g. LITHUANIA. Therefore, there is an urgent need to rationalize the use of heating energy for paper drying, recuperation of energy and its return in the technological processes. Simultaneously, solving these tasks must be connected with increasing production quality. These actions will also ensure that waste-paper is aggregated in the best way and so ensure the improvement of the ecological situation in the State. For the above-mentioned purposes, it is worthwhile modelling the technological processes mathematically and identifying their characteristic physical parameters. The consumption of energy for manufacturing processes occurs during the period of web drying, which must be done according to a certain curve of temperature depending on the remade waste-paper mass, chemical substances contained in it and chemical substances which are used to improve the paper quality. The largest possibilities for energy saving are provided by supporting an optimum temperature regime in the steam-heated cylinders of the paper machine. To do this, it is necessary to model the heat and moisture transfer in the web in its continuous flow through the paper machine as well as determining the physical parameters of the raw material and the real product. An analysis of these mathematical models could serve as a precondition for modification of the heating system in the technological processes at the JOINT-STOCK COMPANY LIGATNE PAPER MILL. This mathematical modelling could be reduced to the problem described by substantially non-linear systems of equations of mathematical physics. As a rule, it is not applicable to solve them numerically using the standard methods widespread in program packages. For this reason, it is extremely important to develop numerical methods. Obscure also are the questions as to the correctness of solutions of these problems, which gives rise to the need for original theoretical investigations. Therefore for this project to be a success, some principal main steps of the mathematical modelling scheme must be carried out. It should be mentioned that it is not always possible to identify physical parameters in experiments, while the inverse problems must be solved. Keywords: paper producing, mathematical methods.
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2 623
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160 000.00€
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Mathematical modelling
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