Production line for automotive new electronic technologies

Feasibility study for electronic control units production
for automotive use.

The project envisages the drawing up of a feasibility study for the plant "PLANET". This study will enable us to define: 1) detailed project configuration 2) preliminary project of the whole system architecture 3) definition of Italian and European cooperation 4) check of the modules already financed by the Government which can be used in this project. The development of the activities envisage subsequent stages and it is subdivided into different parts: A) Analysis of MARELLI'S requirements for quantity and mix of production from 1989 to 1992. B) Definition of system performances and the respective time plans. C) Analysis of present situation in electronic automatic manufacturing field. D) Drawing up the definitive specifications divided into the different areas. E) Analysis of possibilities and availability of eventual partners and selection of the most suitable ones. This project will be developed over several years, so it is important to pay particular attention to the fact that the interventions follow in the correct order. This must, therefore, harmonize with the problems arising in the factory and with the progressive development of machines and software.
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49 160 000.00€
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