Catalytic cleaning of emissions from combustion of biomass (definition phase)

Development (in poland and sweden) of a catalyst for use in
biomass combustion in small and medium-range boilers to
reduce the emissions of polyaromatics with manufacturing in
poland and testing in sweden.

The project is a cooperation between IUC KARLSKOGA AB and the ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in SWEDEN, and the INSTITUTE OF CATALYSIS AND SURFACE CHEMISTRY and the company KATALIZATOR SP. Z.O.O. in POLAND and is the result of the Polish-Swedish Innovation and Cooperation forum held in Warsaw on 29th-30th March, 2001. Biomass combustion is a sustainable way to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the atmosphere (biomass gives no net increase of CO2). However, when combusting biomass polyaromatics are formed which are considered cancerogenic. A high-tech way to handle this problem is to add a combustion catalyst (as in cars). The objective is to develop a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) catalyst for use in biomass combustion. The catalyst must be capable of converting (PAH (Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons) into CO2 and water at the lowest possible temperature and resistant to deactivation by sulphur, potassium and ash. Additionally, the catalyst must be capable of converting carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons into CO2 and water. The project involves at least three EUREKA technological areas: besides 'Environment' there are also 'Energy Technology' and 'New Materials'. The catalyst is to have a monolithic/honeycomb structure and is to be installed in the combustion establishment exhaust channel. This catalyst technique requires lower temperatures and costs and does not create nitrogen oxides as is the case with current techniques with sandbeds/ flames. The catalyst is intended for use in biomass combustion in small and medium range boilers and will be capable of cleaning the emissions effectively. The research and development will be carried out in SWEDEN and POLAND. Manufacturing will be done in POLAND and testing in SWEDEN in the Definition Phase. Keywords: catalysis, combustion, biomass.
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2 750 000.00€
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