Design of aluminium structures under fatigue loading

Stimulate the use of aluminium alloys for structural
applications. This will involve research in welded and
adhesive-bonded and bolted connections using aluminium
alloys as applied for load-bearing structures.

Aluminium alloys have a growing importance for structural applications where its favourable material properties can be applied profitably. In recent years, the design of statically loaded aluminium structures has been well developed; on the contrary, the design of aluminium structures under fatigue loading is inadequate because of limited knowledge on the fatigue strength, and calculation methods as well as design rules are missing. As the fatigue life of a structure is determined by the joints, the project will involve research in three main areas, i.e. welded connections, adhesive-bonded connections and bolted connections, using aluminium alloys as applied for load-bearing structures i.e. the 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series. Within these areas the following major activities have been planned: - Evaluation of existing data of fatigue strength - and to some extent also static strength-properties. - Additional experimental testing of structural details to provide further data, particularly for adhesive-bonded and bolted connections. - Crack growth calculations to verify existing data and to establish new data, using fracture mechanics and modelling the structure by finite element methods. Finally, the main results of the three areas will be summarized and evaluated, life estimation methods based on the above crack growth calculations will be given, and design rules for welded, adhesive-bonded and bolted connections will be drafted.
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