Internet business system for building maintenance, energetic savings and environmental protection (e-maintenance).

This e-building maintenance system enables smart building
management. The development of the system is based on an
interdisciplinary approach. The use of optimal funds is
controlled by a decision-support system.

The Internet business system for building maintenance, energetic savings and environmental protection (e-building maintenance) enables the smart maintenance of buildings. It is interdisciplinary task where various experts from different areas, i.e. geotechnics, geodesy, stability, urbanism, architecture, cultural heritage protection, engineering, climatisation, heating, water and sewage systems, electrical engineering, telecommunications, etc., are met. It is of vital importance for every town to have systematisation and typification of all parameters involved for individual types of buildings. The E-building maintenance system involves three services: a. Service for establishment of buildings state; b. Service for decision support system, and c. Service for partners network development for on-site activities. The project consists of five phases: 1. Research and development of system; 2. Testing and pilot implementation in real conditions; 3. Data collection for all types of buildings; 4. Categorisation, quantification, analysis of data collected; 5. Decision making on optimal funds using with the aim of stopping deterioration of buildings, prolong their life, maintain the functionality of buildings, environmental protection, i.e. prevent their environmental impact due to the use of buildings, traffic connectivity and energetic savings. Keywords: building management, maintaining system, energy saving.
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1 200 000.00€
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