Automatic control of very small foreign bodies by x-ray inspection in pre-packaged food products.

Development/demonstration of new x-ray automatic control
equipment using a new high sensitivity sensor enabling
significantly improved detection efficiency for very small
foreign bodies in pre-packaged food products.

Consumer safety is the main and permanent concern in the context of food preparation, packaging and distribution. To ensure this safety, companies try to improve the efficiency of controlling the absence of foreign bodies in their pre-packaged products. One of the best methodologies to track these foreign bodies is to perform a 100% product on-line x-ray imaging control. This inspection is done at the final stage of the manufacturing chain, after packing products. To improve detection performances, the project will develop a new high sensitivity x-ray sensor with a method of reading-out the signal, which reinforces the contrast of the image on a foreign body included in a pre-packaged food. In addition, the project will modify both the hardware and the software of food quality control equipment. The last step consists of implementing and testing this new system in an existing pilot line demonstration. The expected improvement is the ability to reduce the size of detected foreign bodies by 50%. Keywords: robotic, foods, safety.
Project ID: 
2 710
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
2 200 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Detection and Analysis methods
Market Area: 
Food and Beverages

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