Exploring a freight supply connection between nordic region region/s.E. Europe. Development of intermodal corridor.

Study to develop/commercially validate an inter-modal system
for trans-european freight transfer between nordic region
and s.E. Europe whose central building block will be a
"blue shuttle train" connecting two inter-modal centres.

The POLCORRIDOR LOGCHAIN study will create a new Trans- European freight transfer network by integrating several transport-and-freight supply sub-systems and validate commercially and operationally this new freight-supply- pipeline. The new freight supply system will consist of: 1) A sea-land connection between Poland and Nordic countries, 2) an international high-speed freight train through POLAND, The CZECH REPUBLIC to AUSTRIA with side-link to HUNGARY, and 3) an overland and inland waterway connection between AUSTRIA and countries in South and South Eastern Europe. The study area will cover the following countries of freight origins, destinations and transit: FINLAND, NORWAY, SWEDEN, POLAND, The CZECH REPUBLIC, AUSTRIA, Northern ITALY, HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA, ROMANIA, BULGARIA, the Balkan region and the Northern GREECE. The POLCORRIDOR Freight Supply system will consist of southbound and northbound feeder links and a Trans-European Rail Trunk Line - The Blue Shuttle Train. The southbound link will arise from consolidation of cargo arriving by ferries and/or short-sea liners from Nordic countries to Szczecin Siwnoujscie (POLAND) inter-modal logistical centre. Subsequently, a shuttle train will transport the cargo through POLAND and CZECH REPUBLIC to Vienna (AUSTRIA). From there, the cargo going to ROMANIA, BULGARIA, and the Balkan countries and northern GREECE will be carried by MAV to the Budapest (HUNGARY) sub-hub. This cargo will be forwarded to the above countries' final destinations after being handled there. At the same time, the cargo destined for Northern ITALY, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA and CROATIA will be handled at Vienna logistical hub and then re-distributed to particular national terminals. The northbound link will emerge from consolidating cargo arriving from Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Balkan countries and northern GREECE and destined for the Nordic region at the Vienna hub, transporting it by the Blue Shuttle Train to the Sczecin-Swinoujscie logistical centre, trans-loading onto ferries and/or short-sea liners, and shipping to FINLAND, SWEDEN and NORWAY. The Trans-European Rail Trunk Line - The Blue Shuttle Train will be organised as an enterprise run jointly by the POLISH STATE RAILWAYS, PKP-CARGO S.A, the CZECH RAILWAYS (CD) and the AUSTRIAN FEDERAL RAILWAY's Cargo Division (OBB) in collaboration with the HUNGARIAN RAILWAYS MAV. The venture will utilise the abundance of existing track infrastructure and the rolling stock for operating high-speed, high frequency and high-precision shuttle trains. The POLCORRIDOR freight supply system will generate several positive, direct and indirect longitudinal outcomes at national, regional and Pan-European levels. It will: 1. Open a new commercially viable and environmentally more friendly (than all-truck, door-to-door routes) Trans- European freight supply system that is highly desired by industrial shippers and logistical operators in the Nordic countries, AUSTRIA, ITALY and GREECE; 2. Improve the delivery quality for freight shipped/ received by Nordic shippers, consignees and logistical operators, enhancing thereby these parties' competitive standing and cutting down the time for their market access; 3. Provide competitive alternative to parallel Trans- European corridors which suffer from the lack of rail infrastructure, congestion and low level of service quality; 4. Reduce the level of congestion and other negative social externalities in Europe; 5. Link logistically the Nordic and Adriatic regions through an inter-modal rail-based connection; 6. Utilise the abundant rail infrastructure in POLAND, the CZECH REPUBLIC, AUSTRIA and HUNGARY; 7. Produce direct financial benefits and /or new growth opportunities for the "Blue Shuttle Train" countries, i.e., POLAND, the CZECH REPUBLIC, AUSTRIA and HUNGARY; 8. Liberalise access to national rail networks for third party operators, enhancing thereby the commercial attractiveness of rail transport to industrial users; 9. Contribute to the economic integration of POLAND, the CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY, BULGARIA, SLOVENIA and ROMANIA with the European Union, and thereby close the gap between the latter and South Eastern Europe; 10. Facilitate the transfer of operations technology and managerial know-how between several national rail carriers thereby improving the quality of service provision; 11. Enhance the level of Trans-European trade in northern, Southern and East-Western directions. Keywords: inter-modal sea-road-rail transport, logistics and physical distribution, info-systems and info-technology for computer-based communications. 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2 727
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13 300 000.00€
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Intermodal Transport technology
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.