Research on effects of bio active components on cardiovas- cular diseases with emphasis on cellular energy metabolism

Directed at generating knowledge on the effects and
mechanisms of action of bio active components on heart
failure and cardiovascular risk factors, with a special
emphasis on cellular energy metabolism and oxidative stress.

The aim of this project is to generate knowledge on the effects and mechanisms of the action of bioactive compounds on heart failure and its risk factors, especially hypertension, vascular dysfunction/ atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolaemia. Special emphasis will be directed at studying the relation between cellular energy metabolism and heart failure and, moreover, whether a disturbed energy metabolism is also involved in the above-mentioned risk factors for heart failure. Besides the cellular energy metabolism, other routes to improve heart failure and/ or its risk factors, like oxidative stress or risk factor specific mechanisms (for instance cholesterol synthesis) will also be examined. Cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in men and women in the Western world. It accounts for more deaths annually than any other disease, including all forms of cancer combined. Cardiovascular disease is not one disease, but a term for a number of diseases on the blood vessels and/ or the heart. Conditions or diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesteroleamia, vascular dysfunctioning/ atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus type II are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Heart failure is one of the cardiovascular diseases. It is estimated that about 2% of the population in the Western world has heart failure. It is the leading cause of hospitalisation in people over the age of 65 and the risk of developing the disease increases with age. Approximately 20% of heart failure patients will die within 1 year of diagnosis and 50% will die within 5 years. Heart failure occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood throughout the body. The presence of one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease increases the risk of heart failure. High blood pressure or hypertension is for instance reported to increase the risk of developing heart failure about 2 times for men and 3 times for women. The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors is very high in Europe and the UNITED STATES; ca. 20% for hypertension and also ca. 20% for high cholesterol levels. It has been shown that heart failure is accompanied by a reduced cellular energy metabolism and an increased oxidative stress. For the risk factors, it has only been shown that oxidative stress plays an important role. Whether a disturbed energy metabolism is also involved in these conditions/ diseases is unknown and will be investigated in this project. A component improving cellular energy metabolism and reducing oxidative stress like CoQ10 has already been shown to improve features of heart failure and reduce hypertension and high cholesterol levels. Therefore, a unique, new and patented stabilised form of NADH, ENADA and D-ribose, two innovative components both known to play a role in cellular energy metabolism and oxidative stress, will be investigated and might be very promising components improving cardiovascular diseases/ risk factors as well. Interest in the use of food grade bioactive components in general in the treatment of cardiovascular disease has recently increased. This might be due to the fact that these components promise to be effective, natural and show less unwanted side-effects. Therefore, cardiovascular patients or people at risk tend to consume supplements or nutraceuticals, which claim to have cardiovascular benefits. These supplements, however, are undergoing sceptical examination by scientists and clinicians and the lack of scientific data and proof by credible scientific studies results in their marginal acceptance in the medical field. NUMICO RESEARCH, BRIKMAYER LABORATORIES, BIOENERGY and the FREE UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM (VUMC), department of Physiology and Internal Medicine, therefore aim together to perform scientific research in a multi-factorial approach. They will co-operate to perform good scientific research with excellent skills in order to form the basis for well-studied scientifically based components reducing and/ or preventing cardiovascular disease. BRIKMAYER LABORATORIES has unique experience with ENADA/ NADH and is the only one who is able to create stable NADH (patented) and combinations thereof. They have good knowledge and experience in the field of oxidative stress, in particular related to cellular energy metabolism, in a variety of cells and models (including humans) and will use these models to investigate the anti-oxidative properties of NADH and other components. BIOENERGY holds a unique position regarding D-ribose and will participate by investigating the effect of this promising component on different experimental and models of heart failure as well as in patients with heart failure. NUMICRO RESEARCH has built up great experience with experimental research in the cardiovascular field and will use the knowledge and results on ribose, ENADA (alone or in combination with other bioactive components) generated by both partners to integrate in different assay systems/ models relevant for other cardiovascular diseases/ conditions. The VUMC, department of internal medicine has a leading position in human research on the combination of risk factors for CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and other cardiovascular diseases. They will test the proof of concept whether the most promising combinations of bioactive components found within the experimental research are also positively influencing the different risk factors in the human situation. Moreover, they will study the interrelationship between the different risk factors. The VUMC, department of physiology, has excellent experience regarding the relation of energy metabolism, CHF and physiology. Therefore, they will investigate the effects and mechanisms of several energy metabolism-enhancing components in representative animal models. After the project, the knowledge generated within this project will form the basis for innovative products, which will be applicable to several target groups. Besides innovative products for cardiovascular patients, the generated knowledge will create a basis for products in other fields, like sport nutrition, the area of weight management and some types of clinical nutrition. 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4 200 000.00€
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Nutrition and Health
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