Advanced lasers including new high frequency e-o modulator and deflector devices

Raicol crystals will develops new and improved c-o and non-linear optical materials. Leysop will characterise them and design into novel modulating, switching and deflecting devices, while aot will integrate them in new highly advanced laser products.

The project involves close collaboration between RAICOL CRYSTALS LTD and its academic associate, COLLEGE OF JUDEA and SAMARIA in ISRAEL, and LEYSOP LTD and its associate, ADVANCED OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY LTD (AOT) in the U.K. RAICOL CRYSTALS has a world-wide reputation for state-of-the-art development of new electro-optic (E-O) and non-linear optical crystals, LEYSOP for developing advanced optical devices based on such crystals and AOT is a new company dedicated to exploiting novel E-O and non-linear crystals in state-of-the-art laser systems. RAICOL CRYSTALS and its associate will develop new and improved techniques for growing single crystals of advanced phosphate and borate materials to the highest quality. LEYSOP will characterise the E-O and other related properties of the new materials and design them into novel modulating, switching and deflecting devices. AOT will integrate these novel devices in new highly advanced laser products. Potassium and rubidium titanyl phosphate crystals, KTP and RTP respectively, become increasingly important for a variety of non-linear optical and electro-optic applications. These applications require crystals of high optical quality, increased volume and lower cost. The last two requirements are affected mainly by two limitations. First, cutting of optical elements from KTP and RTP crystals is usually inefficient due to their multifaceted shape. Secondly, the linear growth rates are limited to 0.35 mm/day in the hydrothermal and to 1 mm/day in the high-temperature solution growth methods. Therefore, the current research is focused on the following objectives: 1) Development of methods allowing for single sector crystal growth by studying the growth morphology in various crystallographic directions; 2) Increase of growth rate and yield of KTP and RTP crystals using both higher crystallization temperatures and optimisation of the pulling direction within the high-temperature solution growth method; 3) Mapping of ferroelectric domains and attempts to solve the polydomainization problem by using high-temperature treatment and electrical poling techniques. 4) Studies of the influence of chemical composition, such as impurities incorporation and stoichiometry, to elucidate their role in the domain formation mechanisms and identify the methods of single domain growth. Non-linear borates crystals, namely BBO and CLBO are needed mainly for UV applications. The primary goals of developing their improved growth technologies are: 1) Growth of longer crystals by studying the thermal distribution fields within the growth system and eliminating the early crystal/ melt interface breakdown; 2) Minimisation of concentration of flux inclusions and cracks associated with such inclusions. Keywords: laser, crystal, optics.
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2 803
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720 000.00€
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Laser Technology
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