New composition materials from recycled paper for packing, furniture and interior design components

The project combines the know-how in paper and pulp technology of icp with the technical and market know-how of harald bjoerkgren ab and its network. The result is the commercial use of recycled paper instead of other non-renewable resources.

BACKGROUND There is a surplus of recycled paper (RP) due to the fact that the cost of collecting paper is high and the demand from the paper and pulp mills is low. Therefore recycled paper is a low cost material and from an environmental standpoint new ways to use it are welcome, even more so if products made from recycled paper replace other materials of higher economical and environmental value, e.g. plastics, steel, wood, etc. The partners of this project, ICP in Lodz, POLAND and Harald Björkgren AB (HB) in Karlskoga, SWEDEN are complementary. ICP has a high level of know-how in paper and pulp manufacturing and recycling and in forming parts. HB, in turn, represents market knowledge and networks. HB can also contribute know-how in tooling, engineering and component manufacturing to a network structure with associated companies- a Swedish packaging manufacturer and a design and construction bureau. TARGET OF PROJECT One side of the R & D part of the project is targeted to result in documented methods to prepare raw materials from recycled paper. These materials will be prepared for the following areas of application: - ESD protecting applications - Compostable packing materials - Construction materials for industry, offices and households. The other R&D part of the project is targeted at developing, documenting and proving in practice methods of using the raw material in each specific area of application. Also, low cost tooling will be constructed resulting in complete products and parts with quality assured properties. In parallel to R & D that includes implementation of new materials with Swedish and Polish manufacturers, some work will be carried out to ensure that each new idea has realistic market potential. This is to ensure that specifications will meet specific market needs at the end of the project. GAIN OF THIS PROJECT, SWEDISH SIDE Comparable Swedish Paper and Pulp research institutions concentrate on very large-scale paper and pulp production. Therefore the know-how and resources needed for this project cannot be found in SWEDEN. Using IPC in Lodz we intend to create new solutions that will lead to products produced by Swedish Packing and other industries. This will result in new solutions using less non-renewable resources (oil/ plastics, wood, metals) and will create new exports and jobs in SWEDEN. GAIN OF THIS PROJECT, POLISH SIDE IPC will be able to use their resources and know-how for new applications that will result in products which will be made both in SWEDEN and POLAND. Part of the results could be jointly patented. Production will also follow in POLAND with suitable industries and be marketed in Europe, thus creating new business and jobs also in POLAND. Keywords: composite materials, recycled paper, furniture components.
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2 806
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480 000.00€
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Paper technology
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Packing products and systems

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