New therapeutic method for sports medicine

The aim is to launch a new therapeutic method for sports medicine using a combination of new combined laser therapeutic device with adequate therapies and limited quantities of corresponding drugs.

The laser therapeutic device was first developed in the mid-eighties at Hungarian institutes. Ever since, it has been applied for experimental and clinical treatment of various acute and chronic diseases, as well as their symptoms, by specialists of the most famous medical research institutions in JAPAN, U.S.A. (NASA), U.K., RUSSIA, SWEDEN and many other countries. Due to the significant beneficial therapeutic effects observed, this project will be devoted to introducing new efficient therapeutic methods in sports medicine with the construction of a new technologically advanced generation of combined laser therapeutic devices. The device will be safe, user-friendly and optimised for specific medical applications in sports medicine and due to other parts of the methodology will be ready for serial production and common market exploitation. This will be achieved through the following activities: - Development of a new method for rehabilitation in sports medicine using combined laser therapeutic devices and therapeutic procedures with a combination of coherent and monochrome illumination and some additional drugs in accordance with standards and rigorous safety regulations for bio-medical instrumentation for human use; - Conducting a clinical study into the effects of combined coherent and monochromatic therapy involving specific medically relevant pathologies for sports medicine; - Elucidation of basic physiological mechanisms of the observed therapeutic effects through complex biological and immunological research using cellular and animal models; - Optimisation of the method and device with combined therapeutic procedures with applications for the treatment of specific diseases mostly in sports medicine. The therapeutic method, which is the subject of this project, represents in some fields of application a world-wide novelty. Its function is based on various combinations of the simultaneous action of three biophysical factors: constant magnetic field, pulsed visible monochromatic and coherent (laser) radiation and near infrared radiation. The near infrared part of the spectrum represents the ´window of permeability´, which is due to optical properties of major constituents of the tissue (water and fat) and allows the penetration of electromagnetic radiation carrying small energies deep into the tissue and thus reaching the centres of pathological anomalies in the body, at the same time being completely safe, non-invasive and painless. Such entering of energy to pathologically modified biological systems induces analgetic, anti-inflammatory, antiedemic, immunocorrective and regenerative effects and it improves regional blood supply in the irradiated and surrounding tissue. By comparison, low level laser therapy (LLLT) has been introduced as a clinically promising method that relieves chronic pain and fibrosis due to overtraining by elite athletes. Our new method will be much more effective and will cover some injuries which LLLT does not. It was also shown that diode laser works especially on the lymphatics, encouraging sluggish flow to become normal. On the basis of our earlier research we will show long-term effects on the systemic changes in immune responses. The development of the method will focus on the construction of a multipurpose device for the treatment of sportsmen with injuries on one hand, and decreased immune system response as a consequence of stress from hard training and other burdens. Special procedures for specific pains or injuries will be combined with reduced types and quantities of medicines. This may be one reason for the 'overtraining effects' seen in elite athletes. It remains to be shown whether prophylactic treatment will diminish or abolish post-exercise suppression. Clinical studies will be performed in specialised medical institutions dealing with the above-mentioned aetiologies (Medical Faculty Ljubljana and Klinieka Bolnica Osijek). Other relevant institutions will be involved if necessary. Where possible, a double-blind study design will be adopted in order to correctly establish the therapeutic effects of the new treatment method under study. Patients will be included in clinical studies after obtaining their informed consent. In performing bio-medical studies, we state that we will conform to the Declaration of Helsinki according to its latest version. All experimental and clinical work will be performed after consulting an ethical committee. An explanation of basic physiological mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects together with clinical experience will enable final optimisation of the device parameters, as well as of the treatment procedure methods. Final technical efforts will be devoted to the industrial design of the therapeutic device and technological preparation for its serial production and accompanying 'METHOD' book. Keywords: sports medicine, therapy, laser.
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Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine,Sports Medicine technology
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