Precast fire resistant segments for secondary tunnel lining

Design and testing of precast composite fire and water resistant segments for secondary tunnel lining. They would also serve as a self-supporting formwork for filling of fresh concrete between the elements and the primary tunnel lining.

The proposed project will consider a new technology for the structure of secondary tunnel linings, which would consist of multifunctional pre-cast segments. The segments will be made of more functional layers: a fire resistant layer, structural layer and water resistant layer. Different combinations of materials included in the fire resistant layer segment will be tested to optimise fire protection. The locally available raw materials and also some waste materials will be used due to their sustainability for use in pre-cast segment production. The structural stability of the system will be tested and analysed under static loads before and after the fire tests. After an initial phase and final design of pre-cast segments, a pilot production of the elements will be set up and a test tunnel section will be built. Keywords: tunnels, composites, fire resistance.
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2 823
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3 100 000.00€
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Composite materials
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