Development of innovative concrete ceramic materials

The objective of the project is to develop a new family of concrete ceramic materials for applications in construction, for example precast elements and in situ cast elements.

Based on the first experience of EIFFAGE in the BSI concrete SIKA and EIFFAGE TP has recently developed a new type of concrete named CERACEM with excellent characteristics and a nice surface aspect. It is a cement-based ceramic material, to be used in structures and produced by cold casting in a mould without thermal treatment, nor other external action. CERACEM is characterised by high mechanical resistance, fibre reinforcement, flowing and self-levelling behaviour, which gives the material an exceptional durability. However, this product is rarely used in situ due to processing difficulties. Based on the experience of developing CERACEM, three industrial companies EIFFAGE TP, SIKA (Producer of construction materials) and HURKS BETON (precast elements producer) and two research centres (LABORATOIRE CENTRAL DES PONTS ET CHAUSSEES in FRANCE and UNIVERSITY OF DELFT in THE NETHERLANDS), will develop a new family of concrete ceramic materials named INNOCONCRETE, which will allow CERACEM processing difficulties to be overcome and open new applications in construction. The objective is to use INNOCONCRETE materials to design and create new structures, components and construction processes, with a view to large scale commercialisation. Keywords: concrete, materials, construction, industry.
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2 829
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4 000 000.00€
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Geothermal Energy
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