Design and development of a fast battery charger for electrical toys

Design and development of a fast battery charger for electrical toys (in particular electrical vehicles) by adapting an existing technology to the specific reqiurements of toy manufacturers in terms of weight, size, price, etc.

In this project, a 230 V, 50 Hz input and 15 V output fast battery charger will be designed and produced, using MICRO+POLO's patented Pulse Charging Technology. This technology is applicable to all known types of rechargeable batteries. The charging time is decreased by a factor of 15 or more as compared to the conventional fast charging technologies, the life cycle of the battery is greatly extended and the memory effect is eliminated. The development will aim to satisfy the European standard EN 60335-2-29, requiring minimisation of harmonic losses, avoidance of input voltage and current distortion and malfunction of other systems caused by these distortions. The fast charger will be designed to provide protection against excessive current and voltage, low voltage and short circuits and will be capable of detecting and monitoring the process in a control panel. To suppress radiated and conducted emissions, the fast battery charger will be fitted with specially designed EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) devices. The main objective of the project is technology adaptation and reduction of the size, weight and price of the battery charger. Keywords: battery charger, pulse charging, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique.
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2 860
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920 000.00€
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Storage of electricity, batteries
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