Adaptation of anthurium to advanced methods of tissue culture mass production

Advanced methods of tissue culture, such as liquid culture, scale-up and mechanisation will be developed for anthurium varieties.

Anthurium is one of the most important crops produced for flowering houseplants and for cut flowers. The best quality is achieved by tissue-cultured plants. Tissue culture technology is extremely important for new breeding varieties. The limitations of the conventional tissue culture methods for Anthurium are mainly the long duration of the process, high cost due to hand labour and its low efficiency. BIOLOGICAL INDUSTRIES PLANT PROPAGATION LTD is one of very few laboratories in the world which has proved its ability to develop and produce plants in liquid media in bioreactors, and to mechanise some high consuming labour stages. A preliminary study with Anthurium has shown that this crop can be well adapted to our advanced technologies, although intensive research and development is still needed. Success of the project will enable a great acceleration of new promising hybrids of Anthurium on the market, and production of plants at a higher quality and lower cost than at present. The plants will be inspected and evaluated according to quality parameters (true-to-type, rate of growth and development, flowering, colour, etc.) by RIJNPLANT BV - the breeder and grower of the Anthurium varieties included in this project. Keywords: tissue culture, new anthurium hybrid, advanced technology.
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2 897
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1 800 000.00€
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Horticulture technology
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