Development of new materials for car engines

Industrial research and development of advanced reliable and
competitive metallic components for widely available car and
commercial vehicle engines

To study, design and manufacture up to industrial prototype pre-production level a new generation of high performance, reliable components to improve car and commercial vehicle engines. To use new materials and forming processes, taking into account the severe financial constraints of the industrial sector in question. Two groups of materials will be used in this project: * solid ceramics (strictly speaking one of the ceramics used should be described as "composite" because it contains a small percentage of short reinforcing fibres) and * aluminium-based composites reinforced with long and short ceramic fibres. Use of these will make possible: - a reduction in the weight of moving connected parts by using ceramics and metallic materials with high specific characteristics (mechanical, thermal, tribological) and employing forming processes in which the short or long fibres of the composite metallic materials may be positioned according to preferential directions of stresses, - improvements in mechanical conversion efficiency by reducing friction, - long-term stabilisation of the operating clearances by reducing wear on engaging components, - possible improvements in thermodynamic conversion efficiency by reducing parasitic heat transfer and using this energy in the cycle, - reduction in the number of pollutants in exhaust fumes by prolonged oxidation of carbon monoxide, - improvements in the reliability and life of components by using ceramics to reduce thermomechanically produced stress; "thermal barriers" will be used in places, but this programme does not aim to achieve advanced thermal insulation which belongs to the so-called "adiabatic" engine.
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12 100 000.00€
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