Intelligent slate splitting machine

Most of the 600.000 tons per year of slate in spain is manufactured by hand. With increasing labour costs, the need for an intelligent and fully automatic machine is becoming important. This project aims to develop and build such a machine.

A large majority of the European slate industry is located in SPAIN. The industrial process still being essentially manual, it relies on qualified labour in particular as far as the splitting activity is concerned. This labour is decreasing in availability and is becoming more and more expensive. For similar reasons, FRANCE lost the market and consequently its slate industry years ago. In order to prevent a complete delocalisation of this industry out of Europe to low labour cost areas such as CHINA or South America, it is vital to mechanize the production process. The project aims to develop and build a splitting machine, using the French know how gained through former research projects (ANVAR and CRAFT projects) in the area of mechanized slate production and the latest technologies in automatism and process supervision. The design of the machine will therefore be carried out in FRANCE. The production of the machine will be carried out in SPAIN with French assistance, as far as need be. The industrial validation in EUROSCHIEFER's premises using Spanish schist coming from their quarry will be the last step and a necessary prerequisite in developing an operational splitting machine. This activity will be a joint effort drawing from the expertise of all participants. Keywords: robotic, production, automation.
MAF 2005
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2 909
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1 840 000.00€
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Automation, Robotics Control Systems
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Other industrial equipment and machinery

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