Economical and ecological utilisation of selected residual materials for landscape creation

Verification of the possibility of using bed and fly ash from fluidised bed coal combustion and steel manufacturing in agriculture, landscape creation, highway construction and for the production of slag cements.

In the last decades, new 'clean' technologies for the production of electric energy have been introduced, the most promising of which is fluidised bed coal combustion. Here, ground coal is burnt together with the addition of limestone or dolomite as a sulphur dioxide sorbent at the considerably lower temperature of 850 degrees C, which strongly influences the phase composition of the solid residues produced. These bed and fly ashes are in fact mixtures of mineral components of the fuel and products of desulphurisation. They have a relatively high content of calcium sulphate (in the form of anhydrite) and frog lime (calcium oxide). These new types of by-products from fluidised bed coal combustion cause enormous problems with their disposal and new ways of utilising them are sought. Owing to their properties and their quantity, agriculture and forestry seem to be suitable assets. There are very complicated questions which need to be investigated in relation to this, such as the leaching ability of hazardous components, influence on soil and environment (pit value, soil chemistry, toxicity and so on), verification in agricultural and forestry applications, etc. The second main objective of this project proposal is to verify the possibility of using residual steel slag in landscape creation, in addition to asphalt compositions and to the production of steel slag cement. Steel slag is a residual industrial material produced in very large amounts during the process of steel manufacturing. The internal recycling is limited due to the quality demands of the steel products produced, especially regarding the content of phosphor. According to early studies, steel slag can be used as fertiliser in agriculture, aggregates for road and waterways, in asphalt mixtures and for the production of mixed slag cements. The third main objective of this project proposal is to verify the possibility of using fly ash from coal fired power plants in the production of building materials. These types of by-products from coal fired power plants would be used as natural sources for the production of building materials. All these questions are very complicated and have to be investigated in all circumstances. Keywords: fly ash, metallurgical slag, agriculture.
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Recycling, Recovery
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