Radio frequency dynamic antenna technologies (rf dat)

Radio frequency technologies are used for contactless reading and writing of information in labels. The aim is to substantially improve the capacity of systems in this domain by research and development in reader and antenna technologies.

Radio Frequency (RF) technologies are used for the contact-less reading and writing of information in labels. The basics of the technologies of this project are: radio frequent signals are emitted by a system antenna and received by the electronic circuits in the labels, which are within reach of the antenna. Signals are processed in the labels and sent back to a system antenna. This project focuses on technologies for RF communication with labels that do not have their own power source (i.e. battery). The labels derive their power from the RF signals. Examples of RF applications are: * Tags on articles in stores for theft prevention * Tags on articles in stores for identification/registration * Tags on basic products, half products and final products in industrial processes * Tags attached to parcels in logistic processes, contact-less smart cards. The market potential of RF is greatly enhanced, especially because of recent technical developments in the area of sophisticated and refined electronic circuits for the labels. Major limitations of the technology are: * The distance between the antenna and the labels needs to be quite small due to the fact that the labels do not have their own source of energy (battery). * The exchange of signals between label(s) and antenna/reader systems is not always fully reliable. By improving the capacity and sensitivity of the antenna/reader systems for sending and receiving signals, including processing of information, the market potential of RF label technology can be greatly improved. This project aims at research and development of innovative RF concepts, focussing on the application of clusters of interactive antenna/readers, improving the sensitivity of antenna/reader systems and research and development into the technology of electronic circuits in labels related to antenna/reader technology developments. Keywords: Radio Frequency (RF), Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), IC.
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2 953
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4 200 000.00€
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Smart cards and access systems
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