Molecular markers and planning modules for the standard scientific software 'labkey'

Development of new biotechnology modules for labkey, a standard scientific software. The functions of 'molecular marking' and 'planning' will be developed.

The project will develop 2 new biotechnology modules for DORIANE's scientific standard software. The aim is to develop the functions of 'molecular marking' and 'planning'. These functions will be organized by 'LABkey-Molecular-Markers module' and 'LABkey-Planning module' in order to reach the market more easily. Both modules will be developed by DORIANE within LABkey, with the participation of DVP as a partner for the scientific and technical support. LABkey, the scientific standard software for managing experiments, is divided into 3 products: - LABkey-Selection, - LABkey-Experimentation, - LABkey-Development. These 3 products ensure the whole management of the research department, projects, stocks, log history, publications, protocols, experiments and statistics. Motivation: The project in itself is really interesting as it works with different sectors in a single project. Indeed, the molecular markers module will be aimed exclusively at laboratories working in the field of biotechnologies. The planning module will be of interest to all laboratories that want to plan and manage stocks, laboratories, employees, etc. Finally, the project will provide DORIANE with functions to conquer new markets. Keywords: software, molecular, planning.
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2 979
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530 000.00€
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Knowledge Management, Process Management
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.