Automatic analysis of human brain ischemic strokes using computed tomography (ct) images

Development of algorithms for the evaluation of ischemic stroke volume from images of human brain computed tomography slices. This will be implemented in a computer aided medical diagnostic tool that can be used on personal computers.

Computed Tomography (CT) is still the modality of first choice for investigating patients who have suffered an acute stroke. Within the first hours after onset of stroke, the detection of ischemic regions is very difficult on CT images. Ischemic stroke volume is an important topic in the radiology field. Patient status depends on ischemic stroke size, stroke localisation and place of injury. For scientific medical studies dealing with ischemic it is useful to calculate the volume of an ischemic stroke. A manual calculation of the place and volume of an ischemic stroke is very time consuming. Widespread semi-automated methods give only approximate results. In addition, such software is very expensive and thus not available to low-budget hospitals, especially in Eastern Europe. The automatic analysis of computed Tomography (CT) images is done through pattern recognition and volume reconstruction tasks. The stroke volume calculation will be performed in the first part, and stroke 3-D visualisation in the second part. All such operations will be done with personal computers without the help of expensive, powerful workstations. Such a computer aided medical diagnostic tool will be available for common middle-price computers and would be used in all hospitals with a neurological department (especially in Eastern Europe). Keywords: image, segmentation, stroke.
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2 981
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220 000.00€
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Medical devices technology (instrumentation, medical imaging, radiology)
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