Customer relationship management (crm) call centre

Integratation of speech technology with communication, marketing and customer related services in a single comfortable process enabling instantaneous mobile access to crucial business information.

The primary objective of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Call Centre project is to provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with an application that integrates speech technology with an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system. This will be a new powerful marketing tool for running their business. The anticipated solution originates from developments in the E! 2340 MAJORDOME project. It will be based on cooperation within an international team working in the frame of a EUREKA project. The rapid deployment of e-commerce and the expansion of mobile and global access to services are driving enterprises to continuously modify their business processes. The customer is the focus of the new business model. The CRM Call Centre project is designed to integrate speech technology with communication, marketing and customer related services in one comfortable process, enabling instantaneous mobile access to crucial business information. The application is designed to run in one database that contains all the information available in the organisation about the customer. It is envisaged that business performance of SMEs equipped with the sophisticated CRM system including the voice processing will be more efficient. The CRM Call Centre is migrating to a 'profit centre' for revenue generation or transitioning to a more visible role in creating customer goodwill and building a wealth of customer data for use by product development, marketing and sales. Achieving world-class performance for the next generation of contact centres will require call centre managers to fundamentally rethink the value of the call centre to the customer and to the business. Managers will need to drive strategic planning and design decisions from a set of guiding principles that are customer focused and that leverage new technology. Incremental improvements will not be adequate to keep pace with growing customer demands for services that are available anytime and anywhere. The need to re-design or reengineer the basic business processes around customer services will be an imperative for call centre managers who are planning ahead for the next generation. With the increased use of cellular telephones and more and more government regulation on how and when you can use your cell phone, Speech Recognition is a powerful tool for many of today's automated telephone services. Instead of pulling your phone away from your ear, pressing the appropriate keys on the telephone and placing the phone back to your ear, you will be able to speak your commands while having the same reliability as before. Keywords: CRM, call centre, voice recognition.
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2 990
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2 180 000.00€
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Speech Processing/Technology
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